1. Leadership – How would you define it?

I think leadership comes from integrity – that you do whatever you ask others to do. I think there are non-obvious ways to lead. Just by providing a good example as a parent, a friend, a neighbor makes it possible for other people to see better ways to do things. Leadership does not need to be a dramatic, fist in the air and trumpets blaring, activity.

2. You’ve achieved a great amount of success. What according to you is your greatest achievement?

People usually get confused with ‘successes and ‘achievements’. Strictly going by the definition, they are two different words. Achievement is used in connection with the realization of one’s goals where as Success is used in the sense of fulfilling certain conditions necessary to reach the goal.

3. What are the little things that give you joy?

Dropping my kids to school every day morning and listening to them talk about their experiences.

4. What has driven you? What has your inspiration been?

Believe that you can!

“You can’t get Tim Horton’s out of North America” “Its recession, you can’t think of growing your business now” These are just a couple of examples from the thousands of times that I’ve been told I ‘can’t do’ something.

Look at the leaders in any sphere. Right from Steve Jobs to Barrack Obama, they’re all where they are because they didn’t stop when people told them: “You can’t!”

Imagine if HH Sheikh Mohammed had stopped when he was told that he can’t bring prosperity to a desolate desert.

Don’t misunderstand the people who tell you, that you can’t, let their doubts sour you on because every great achievement was once considered impossible

5. How important is it to persevere/stay focused?

Once you find what you believe in, the key is to FOCUS on it. Nothing else but your goal should matter. Don’t worry about criticism or ‘well wishers’ who tell you to play safe. Go all out; give it your 100%. Remember, followers are distracted by every new trend while leaders single mindedly create their own success

6. What was/is your vision/view of business in 2020?

7. We all lay emphasis on quality – things we do, products we buy, services. What does quality mean to you?

The terms ‘quality’ is very subjective and varies from person to person. To me quality is the difference between what the salesman in the store committed to and how do I feel after using the product.