Nilesh Ved has managed to acquire a varied number of highly capable individuals from different backgrounds under his wing. His 1450+ stores employ and manage folks from all countries and races that the world has to offer, giving him an unimaginable edge over the other competitors in the race toward global recognition.

How We Do It

  • S for Service – To adopt a corporate strategy that empowers us to serve the needs of the society around us besides providing the best in industry service to the customers and to create a mutually benefiting environment through collective endeavour of company, employees, customers and community.
  • P for Productivity – To support and incorporate development initiatives/CSR projects an integral part of our business and make them result oriented. To encourage the development of human resource through provision for education, training and skill development to empower them and be productive.
  • E for Efficiency – To have partnership with various institutions/stakeholders for CSR programmes implementation and to assess and measure the effectiveness of the projects against the performance indicators and the targets set.
  • E for Effectiveness – To implement social initiatives in our areas of operations to ensure maximum efficiency through close monitoring and achieving benchmarks set for Triple Bottom Line.
  • D for Dedication/Commitment – To dedicate and commit our CSR initiatives towards national agenda on sustainable development and growth through adoption of best practices across all our brands, supply chains, distribution channels, vendors and suppliers and community development programmes. To encourage and motivate our employees to fully embrace the CSR programmes, champion social causes and support the company in its responsibility and accountability to the community in which it operates.


Imagine a world where we don’t compliment the ideas and innovations of the people outside of our realm of existence. It is bound to be quite bleak and monotonous, especially if it doesn’t provide any benefits to the customers in tow. That is exactly what Nilesh Ved has striven to prevent the Gulf society from falling into. In his own words,

“There are many ways to measure a company’s success. However, a truly successful company is one that returns some of its rewards to the communities in which it operates, thus giving back to the society. Apparel Group strongly believes that as a large organization, we can make a difference in people’s lives by providing education, engaging with communities, and helping to protect the environment. It is my hope that we can set an example to other companies by demonstrating that these contributions to society will actually create a better place to live in. We believe that our compassionate actions will build sustainable society for future generations.”


You might be pleasantly surprised to know that the Apparel Group not only operates in the Gulf, but has also spread its wings throughout Asia. Apart from finding its domination in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and the UAE, you can feel its presence brewing in prominent countries like Thailand, Malaysia, India, and South Africa. It has even tapped the international market in the fast developing regions of Pakistan, Egypt, Hungary, and the Philippines.

Bringing the most acknowledged brands from around the world like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Asia to your doorstep is a commendable feat, and the Apparel Group does just that. Reputable brands like ALDO, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and the likes would take you on an inescapable ride through the greatest shopping fantasy ever imagined by mankind.

And Nilesh Ved is always at the forefront of such inventive campaigns. It may be because of his employees that the customers have realized such proficient service, but never forget that it was Ved’s vision and determination that brought about this venture into the spotlight.