Nilesh Ved

About Nilesh ved

An Award Winning Corporate Leader


Nilesh Ved is the Founder and Chairman of AppCorp Holding Global, a multi-billion-dollar global company in 14 countries. He graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s in Science and Business Administration. Under his leadership, AppCorp Holding Global’s flagship brand, Apparel Group, operates over 2200 stores worldwide, offering a diverse range of international and homegrown brands. Nilesh Ved’s vision led to the launch of innovative initiatives such as the Club Apparel loyalty program, the e-commerce platform, and the GCC region’s first phygital store. He expanded APPCorp’s reach into logistics, design and production, and sectors like food and beverage, real estate, healthcare, and fitness. Nilesh Ved’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community upliftment solidifies his reputation as a visionary leader in the retail industry.

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